Website Flipping For Cash


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Want To Discover How To Buy & Sell Websites For Profit — All From The Comfort of Your Home?

Here is your opportunity to become a part of this fast paced, exciting and highly profitable industry!  Become the novice tech entrepreneur that you never even imagined you possibly ever could be now, by learning the fundamentals of building your own business, of flipping websites!!

Here’s what you’ll discover in Website Flipping For Cash Book:
How to find websites you can buy for dirt cheap – I’ll give you the resources. * Little known, yet simple ways to monetize a website for the most profit potential… Discover exactly what your buyers want from your site. * Discover the 8 top websites where you can buy and sell websites. * Learn exactly how to double, even triple the value of your sites. * Exactly what to include in your listing when selling your site. * How to spot a poorly-monetized site. * How to find a website that is poorly monetized, turn it into gold, and sell it for 200 – 400% of the purchase price. * How to present your site to the market for maximum bids/sales. * How to negotiate with buyers so it’s a win/win. + much, much more!!
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