Starting Your Own Furniture Flipping Business.


Starting Your Own Furniture Flipping Business


Furniture Flipper: A Short Guide To Starting Your Own Furniture Flipping Business

Start blessing your family with extra income and doing something you’re excited to do by starting your story as a furniture flipper.


What’s Inside?

Finding Great Furniture

This guide will walk you through what-to-look for and what-to-avoid when hunting for great pieces to restore.

Furniture Flipping Gear

A list of essential tools every furniture flipper needs, as well as some toys you probably don’t.

Selling Your Stuff

How much should you charge? Where should you sell your beautifully restored piece? What about doing custom work for clients? Get answers to these questions and more.

The Basics Of Business

What you need to know to get your business off the ground.

My Personal Tips

Some basic flipping business “do’s and don’ts” and other final tips, before you get your great business out of the planning stage and into your local markets.


Save Yourself The Time & Research

With Furniture Flipper you’ll get the “first things” under your belt, and be ready for the next step in starting your own furniture flipping business!



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