How To Start Your Own Escort Business – The Complete Owner’s Handbook ~ The Sexiest Business in the World


How To Start Your Own Escort Business – The Complete Owner’s Handbook ~ The Sexiest Business in the World


Blueprint for Success: How to ‘Quickly’ Start an Escort Business


How to Start an Escort Business: The Complete Owner’s Handbook is the most intense, complete and comprehensive step-by-step guide ever written about the escort industry by former owners of an escort company, and you shouldn’t even attempt to start an escort business until you have read it first.

This book was written with motivated entrepreneurs in mind who are serious about taking the next step to achieve financial independence by opening a business that is exciting, sexy, fun and recession-proof. We will show you how you too can become part of this popular multi-billion dollar industry almost overnight.

We will teach you how to start an escort business on a shoe-string budget, and show you how to make ridiculous amounts of money over a short period of time without resorting to illegal tactics.

Also, as former adult entertainment business owners, we will show you how to properly start your escort business, and what to do to avoid the pitfalls and obstacles most people run into that can destroy their hopes and dreams before they even get a chance to become reality.

We will reveal what we learned from escorts, other escort business owners, clients, and through our own unique experiences.

We will give you a proven formula for success that will save you time, energy, aggravation and hassle. It will show you how to do almost everything right and help you stay out of trouble.

We will teach you how to start your escort business with only one or two girls and start making money almost instantly.

In this book you will discover the best places to start an escort business, information on registration, guidelines for operating the business, the tools of the trade, how to place ads that will actually produce positive results, and how to make a great living while enjoying life to the fullest.

You will learn where to advertise to achieve both successful online and offline results; how to build an inexpensive website; how to attract wealthy clients; even how to use proven recruiting techniques to find the right escorts.

You will learn from our expertise, experience, knowledge and trade secrets, so that you can potentially turn your escort business into a successful, money-making machine too.

We’ll even teach you why it isn’t a good idea to get too big or famous in the industry.
We will discuss industry terms and go over some of the unwritten rules of the trade, as well as providing you with clear details on setting up your company to succeed.

We will train you on how to protect your entire investment, including yourself, your business and the rest of your team. Then we will top it all off by showing you how to create your own cash cow and learn why cash is king.

As an added bonus, we will include some of the myths and facts associated with the industry. They should be able to help you separate reality from illusion. Then you should be ready to start your own escort business; by far the sexiest business in the world .


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