How To Start A Foreclosure Cleaning Company


How To Start A Foreclosure Cleaning Company


Start a Foreclosure Cleaning Company!

Banks Are Currently Foreclosing on 175,000 houses A MONTH…
They need to pay somebody to clean and fix up all of these foreclosures … So why not YOU?!


This is the Most Comprehensive Program written on
Foreclosure Cleanups & Property Preservation Services.  And how to start a company doing the work.

Over 20 pages of First-Hand Inside Knowledge
***For your convenience, the program is available as an immediate download only.***

The Foreclosure Cleanup Cash Program Shows You:

 How to start your own Foreclosure Cleanup & Property Preservation Company in 7 days or less for under $500
How you can turn just a handful of Foreclosure Cleanups into a real, 5-figure-a-month Cleanup Business that continues to grow – all by itself – month after month


How it’s possible to make a profit in 3 different ways from the same foreclosed property and have the banks thank you for it


How to provide superior trashout and preservation services so that you dominate the competition even IF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CLEANING OR MAINTENANCE or running a business 


How to get customer to chase you and fill up your service schedule (and your bank account) all week long 
How to market your services to the right contacts (we give you the contact information!) and much, much more!

 The Foreclosure Cleanups and Property Preservation sector is a$2.1 Billion dollar-a-Year Industry!

And since historically 60% of foreclosure filings actually end up as REO properties, this means that there are


174,379 cleanups and preservations needed EVERY MONTH!


Now who do you think is going to clean out, preserve and maintain all of these homes once they become foreclosures?  (Drumroll, please…)

… Foreclosure Cleanup and Property Preservation Services, just like yours

The fact is, there is a whole lot of money to be made by business that help to clean out, preserve and maintain foreclosed properties, especially since the number of foreclosures continues to rise each month.

And the great thing about this industry is that there is MORE than enough work to go around for EVERYONE.  So while you do have to work hard and perform quality work, you don’t have to fight tooth and nail and work for free just to get a project to work on (like all of the companies in the construction industry are doing right now).

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start Your Own Property Preservation Company! 

You see, these properties are almost always full of junk, trashed, filthy, in need of repairs and landscaping work.

Someone needs to junk out, clean out and fix up these houses beforethey can be put on the market!

                    A Foreclosure which was cleaned up by property preservationists our service got started

And believe, me, Banks are more than willing and happy to pay the average foreclosure cleanup & property preservation bill of $800 – $1500 (and upwards of $5,000 for repairs) for each house.


For two very important reasons:

  1. Banks can’t put the house on the market in its current condition – no buyer in their right mind would want to buy a house full of molding food, animal droppings, and the previous owners’ personal effects.
  2.  Recently passed bylaws allow cities tofine banks $1000 PER DAY, PER HOUSEfor unkempt foreclosed houses – run-down houses severely affect neighborhoods, encouraging theft and vandalism while driving down overall housing prices even further.  Banks would much rather pay YOU once to clean up the property rather than pay fines for each day that passes by.

This is an Awesome Business Because

  • You don’t need an fancy degree
  • You don’t need a lot of start-up money
  • You don’t need to know anything about the foreclosure industry
    You don’t even need to do the cleaning and repairing yourself

And most of all, once you get your business set up and become your own boss,

you don’t need to worry about this economy any longer!


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