How To Sell Anything To Anyone!!


How To Sell Anything To Anyone


How to Sell Anything to Anyone!!

Incredibly powerful in its dissection of the critical path to success in sales! This book will revolutionize your thinking on sales and how you can really… Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime! – Thomas Sudyk, CEO, EC Group International

Sound impossible? Well, it’s not. You too can learn how to sell anything to anyone!

Maybe you want to sell yourself to a prospective employer; or maybe you want to attract more customers to your small business, or start an Internet business, or make more money in your current sales position.

There is a way to do it. Regardless of what you sell, who your customers are, or whether they buy from you in person, online or over the phone, there is a fundamental process that applies to every selling situation. If you can understand and master that process, you’ll be able to sell anything to anyone.

How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime unveils that process using familiar selling situations and everyday language ― making it easy for you to sell anything.

Even veteran salespeople will discover insights in this book that unveil mysteries of how to help people buy. You’ll understand the sales process more clearly, and be equipped to implement it more effectively. You’ll be able to sell, and to sell better!

In How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime, you’ll learn:

    • 5 common misconceptions about sales that can derail your success
    • A powerful 6-step selling process you can use to sell anything
    • How to up your odds of making the sale
    • The single most important step to take in all your sales efforts
    • How to minimize risk in any selling situation
    • and much, much more!

Learn How Helping Others Benefits You And How You Can Begin Accomplishing Powerful Goals In The Process…”

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
The 7 Basic Requirements to Sell Anything to Anyone

Chapter 2:
The First Requirement – Sell Yourself, Use a Great Story

Chapter 3:
The Second Requirement – Creating the Undeniable Need

Chapter 4:
The Third Requirement – Stamping Your Authority

Chapter 5:
The Fourth Requirement – Creating the Sense of Urgency

Chapter 6:
The Fifth Requirement – Making Them Accountable with Free Gifts

Chapter 7:
The Sixth Requirement – Making a Commitment

Chapter 8:
The Seventh Requirement – Keeping the Interest Factor Alive

Chapter 9:
What You Can Sell and What You Cannot – Some Taboos

Chapter 10:
Quest to Become Perfect in the Art of Salesmanship

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