This is fun!  The work is fun, the sell is fun and should not be over-thought, or framed for anything but what it is. The selling of information, has ALWAYS made money, so enjoy it!

This is a 9 minute video that instructs a person on exactly what to do to earn $7 over and over.

There is nothing to buy, join, or sign up for. Only the video which gets straight to the subject and digs into getting started without any hype, fluff or floss. No show of bling and millionaire branding in any way.

This is instruction and the video made by the actual business designers.  This video comes with a resell rights license and may also be resold by you (the Buyer) over and over again for additional $7 earned income.

If you put the video on your website, or however you market it, you may re-brand it to your own company’s property.

NOTE- This is a video, so obviously there will be no refunds issued, as it is a virtual product.

Good luck in your new venture.


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