25 Unrestricted Dating and Relationships PLR Articles


25 Unrestricted Dating and Relationships PLR Articles


In this PLR Content Pack You’ll get 25 Unrestricted Dating and Relationships Articles with Private Label Rights to help you dominate the Dating and Relationships market which is a highly profitable and in-demand niche.

Who Can Use This PLR Article Pack?

  • Internet Marketers
  • Dating Website Owners
  • Coaches
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital Product Resellers
  • List Builders
  • Bloggers

What Can You Do This Dating and Relationships PLR?

  • Resell it as an E-course.
  • Drive New Members And Traffic To Your Dating Websites
  • Use it as blog posts in social media.
  • Create an autoresponder series.
  • Create an ebook, video or report to resell or use it to build your email list.
  • Create any kind of info product which you can resell with a personal use license.
  • And MANY other ways!

Here are the titles of the Product Name (25 Unrestricted Dating and Relationships Articles V2):

  1. Are You The Alpha In Your Relationship
  2. Christian Dating For Interracial Singles – Know The Obstacles
  3. Christian Singles Dating – There May Be Concerns And Bright Spots
  4. College Dating – Changes In Various Stages Of Life
  5. Commitment In The New Year – Not Hard To Achieve Follow Simple Rules
  6. Committed Relationship – When You Need More Out Of Dating
  7. Dating In The New Year
  8. Dating In The Past Compared To Todays Dating
  9. Dating Tips For Successful Online Dating
  10. Dating With A Shy Personality – New Technolgy Will Make It Less Challenging
  11. Do And Donts Of Match Making
  12. Examples Of Complicated Relationships – Does Your Relaionship Stack Up
  13. Get Back An Ex – Looks Matter To Show Your Confident
  14. Get My Ex Girlfriend Back When She Needs Space
  15. How Can I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back – Takes The Right Mind Set
  16. How Do I Get My Ex Back – A Natural Responce At First
  17. How To Get Back An Ex With Looks Alone
  18. Keys To Black Dating Success – Tradition Rings True
  19. Matchmaking Ideas – Advice To Help Find Your Special Someone
  20. Matchmaking Pros And Cons – Read ThIs Advice Before Matchmaking
  21. Moving On After Breakup May Not Be The Answer
  22. Relationship Counseling – Enable Your Flow Of Communication
  23. Remedy For A Broken Heart Will Take Work Just Like Relationships
  24. Start The New Year With A Different Dating Approach
  25. Which Online Dating Service – Specialize In What Women Need

Here’s a Sample Article So That You Know What To Expect From These PLR Article Pack):

Are You The Alpha In Your Relationship

Wow, I am amazed, and not in a good way. When I started doing some research for this article I couldn’t believe some of the garbage that is online. I guess you just have to take what you read online with a huge grain of salt. So, if you want to figure out are you the alpha in your relationship, all you have to do is open your eyes.

Most of the articles I read were by men who advertise themselves as some sort of dating gurus. I laugh every time I see those types of sites. As a woman, I can tell you that much of it is garbage. Sure, sometimes you can find an insecure woman and “play” her and use her insecurities against her, but to what end?

Is that really the type of relationship that someone would want? I don’t know, maybe it is. If so I suggest that anyone who likes finding women that way takes a long hard look at them self because it really doesn’t say anything good about you.

If you have to resort to these manipulation tactics just to meet women you are as pathetic and insecure as they are.

Every relationship will have it’s leader, or alpha. And no, it won’t always be the man. Sometimes women can be the alpha too. But, are you the alpha in your relationship, and is that the best part to play?

I may not be an expert, nor do I go online and pretend to be one, but I have to say that in my experience there is a natural give and take in a good, healthy relationship.

In my own relationships I consider myself to be the alpha in some aspects but my partner is the alpha in others. In every relationship each person should be bringing their own strengths to the relationship. And since no one is good at everything, I think the alpha role will ebb and flow.

One day you may find that your particular strengths are needed, and for that time, at least, you become the alpha. Yet the next day you may find that a certain situation needs the strengths of your partner, which may well be your weakness so they then will become the alpha.

You’ve probably heard the saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. I personally think that is why it is best to have this ebb and flow of the “power” in a relationship. Both of you get to be “on top” some of the time.

Please Note: The above content is only a sample preview of one of the articles in this PLR Article Pack so that you can see the quality of the content.


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