100 Fitness & Health eBooks Work at Home Business with Resell Rights ($75.00 OFF)




Wanting an easy to own business that you can run and operate from your home?  A business that operates 24 hours a day, even while you sleep?

This may be for you.

You will own 100 eBooks, that are all digital downloads, which means you do not have to maintain any room for inventory.  You will own these books for life, and may sell them over and over again… individually, or as a whole.

You decide what price you will charge for each book, or as a whole, by selling the complete business package, along with a master resell license, over and over again.


Individually, each one of these incredibly, informative books would sell for anywhere between $.99 and as much as $4.99 or more.  That being the case, all 100 of these books would sell for a combined total of $100.00 alone, before even adding an amount for the master resell license that come with this profitable business.

Start and grow your on eCommerce business today for just $19.99.  That is a $75.00 discount, from the minimum amount that we can sell this particular business for.  However, we do not need to sell any of our businesses for the most money that we can get and will not be any time soon.


1. You can resell these eBooks and keep all profits , you will buy the books only once & you will sell it…….. again and again…
2. You can sell these books in your Online Store, on your websites, on Amazon, on eBay, on Shopify, on Blogs, on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Clickbank etc..
3. After purchasing you’ll have full rights to resell them.
4. You can sell all collections at the same time, as well as each individual eBook at any price you wish.
5. You can use articles from your eBooks on your Websites or Blogs to make many more sales of your products.
6. You can use & read them personally as all of them are very interesting & useful in everyday life. Great way to expand your knowledge.
7. You don’t have to buy every single product you sell! With physical products, you must pay for every single item you sell, and this significantly eats away at your profits. Digital products on the other hand are free to create. And if you do buy resell rights, you only have to pay once!
8. No need to constantly look for & deal with suppliers! You can simply create your own info products or even easier: buy resell rights!
9. Your customers get access to their purchases immediately, instead of waiting for weeks for the products they just bought.
10. You eliminate the single biggest reason people refuse to buy stuff online: paying too much for shipping charges…
11. You don’t need any storage space! No more boxes & packaging materials littering your whole house.  You can store as many info products in your hard drive as you like.
12. You will never run out of stock! It’s that simple, since info products are digital all you have to do is upload it to the Internet & give your customers access to the download page!
13. You don’t have to ship or pack anything, you can even have an automatic download link sent to your customers after every single sale you make (this sure beats spending hours each day packaging products & going to the post office).
14. You keep 100% of the money your customers pay you. That’s rights! Info products have a whopping 100% profit margin!

As an owner of this business, you will own 100 fitness books just like the ones picture below. Books that cost on average, $4 – $6 individually. You will own all of these eBooks for the rest of your life and the resell license to sell them over and over again.

All books come in PDF format with Master Resell rights.


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